Mead School District 354
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Learning and Teaching

Goal 1: The District curriculum is guaranteed and viable.
The District curriculum, based on state and district standards, is achievable in scope (viable) and promised to each student (guaranteed). It is to be described with student-friendly language, published, and adjusted as necessary. The implementation of the curriculum is monitored through teacher-developed common district assessments.
Goal 2: Our educators and students use evidence of student learning to increase student success.
Evidence of student learning is obtained from a high quality, reliable, and balanced assessment system (formative and summative). A critical element of this system is teachers and students using evidence of student learning to increase success.
Goal 3: Our educators accurately report individual achievement of the standards to students, parents, and educators.
A reporting system for students, parents, and educators is in place that describes individual student progress toward meeting state and district standards by grade level or course. Reporting is done through student-led conferences, common standards-based assessments, and elementary standards-based report cards.
Educator Standards and Qualifications

Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s). Such information would relate to the type of Washington State Certificate held, areas of endorsements, college major and advanced degrees. Requests should be addressed to  Ralph Thayer, Assistant Superintendent, Mead School District, 2323 E. Farwell Rd., Mead, WA 99021.

All Mead teachers are certified through the state of Washington.